From Line of Duty-core to fake houseplants: this week’s fashion trends


Sleep-spas New breed of holidays to help you get some kip? Better than the Maldives.

The Cluedo dress Named for its shape, the 2019 Balenciaga dress started as a meme, became the ultimate social distancing dress and is back on Tilda Swinton in Pedro Almodóvar’s The Human Voice.

Faux green. Photograph: Alamy
Fake fronds Habitat have launched a line of faux monsteras etc. Ideal if you murder plants, but still want a good Zoom backdrop.

LoD-core Kate Fleming’s striped polo neck and crossbody bag is 2021’s spring twinset (and very APC).

Going down

Muscle tees Cap-sleeve vests, often worn in a vaccine selfie. Born out of necessity, or an excuse to show off your deltoids? Ryan Reynolds, we’re looking at you.

Dryrobe mania Great after swimming, but as a coat for the coffee run? Peaked.

Cycling shorts Very Saint Laurent, very unflattering – and hampered by stock shortages even before the Ever Given got stuck.

Pandemic toolkits From jogging to box sets, a term for all the things that got you through this past year. Anyone else’s contain only Pringles?

White Stan Smiths Instead, black Hokas. Not ugly, not cool – just very everyday. Good with a lilac sock.